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Now Weaponized! (2013)
A digital-only release of twelve instrumental rock/metal songs, from elegant to moshing, intricate to straight-up metal.

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Serenade of Strings (2010)
Seventeen driving or laid-back instrumentals for acoustic guitar, classical guitar, bass, drums, and percussion.

Unlocked! Dee (Randy Rhoads)
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The Lost Art (2010)
Eighteen classical guitar pieces, including Bach, Villa-Lobos, and Tarrega, recorded before tendonitis took away this playing forever.

Unlocked! Bach Minuets I & II
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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid (2007)
Ten driving, instrumental rock songs for guitar, bass, and drums, with melodic riffs and catchy melodies. Jeff Moos and Dave DeMarco join me on drums and bass.

Unlocked! Blue Sky
Unlocked! The Key
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The Firebard (2004)
The debut album of instrumental rock for guitars, bass, and drums that earned me endorsements. The album is due for re-release in 2014 after being re-recorded.

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Fireworks Magazine Interview!
April 2014

Fireworks Magazine in the UK interviewed me two months ago and has published it in Issue 63, out this week. You can read it here. "It's an album full of fabulous melodies played with feeling and style. Think Joe Satriani."  I get that Satriani comparison a lot.  I'm not sure if it's just because he&#...

CD Review at Metal-Rules!
April 2014

I've received the first CD review of NOW WEAPONIZED! and it's a good one!  You can read it at Metal-Rules.com or right here

Some quotes:

  • "The album begins in suitably impressive fashi...
Review at Fireworks Magazine!
April 2014

Another CD review for NOW WEAPONIZED! has come in this week, from Fireworks Magazine in the UK. You can read it here. I've never thought of myself as a virtuoso but every CD reviewer seems to call me that.  I've been called worse...

"Farewell" Video Released!
March 2014

The video for "Farewell", from NOW WEAPONIZED!, has now been released: http://youtu.be/urz173o4OpQ  This is one of my favorites from the album.

Students of classical composition (who also love hard rock) might find this more interesting as the song is written entirely from the opening riff. Annotations onscreen po...

When Musicians Aren't Paid
April 20, 2014

Sometimes musicians are asked to perform without being paid, whether live or on an album.  The request can come from a venue, other bands, or musicians, and can stipulate (or not) what they get instead. I can't address every situation here but can give some perspective on what is okay and not okay to say and do.

Writers Block vs. Idea Block
March 24, 2014

Most authors have "writer's block" at some point, but I suspect we're often suffering from something I call "idea block".  The definition of writer's block is "the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing."  But I think that raises two separate issues:

  1. Not knowing what you want to writ...
My Experience with Tendonitis
March 8, 2014

After playing electric and acoustic guitar for years, I took up classical guitar in college. The only problem was having two years of music school left, and now four years of playing requirements to catch up on. I managed to graduate on time anyway, but the result of so much practice wasn't pretty.

A year later, the tendinitis (also spelled "tendonitis") silently building...

Got Tendonitis?
March 3, 2014

Like most guitarists, I never thought I'd get tendonitis, not to mention several times. One side effect is that, since launching my music career, I've fielded hundreds of questions about it. These range from how to avoid it, diagnose it, get treatment (and from whom), do home therapy, and continue with playing – and more importantly, get on with life.

The goal of this art...