2021 Update

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Jan 122021

I admittedly post most news on the music and fiction sites, or on The Art of World Building site, so if you really want to know what’s going on, those are the places to visit!

That said, I have completed the world building books, and likely the podcast, though more YouTube videos will be done at some point. My main focus now is on fantasy fiction with The Dragon Gate recently released. I am hard at work on more books in the series. Check the fantasy site for more details or join my newsletters.

Not much is happening with music, though last year I did release three music videos. If my author career goes well, it can free me from needing a day job and I can return to music (that’s what gave me the time to do those songs/videos last year), so wish me luck.

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May 162018

I’ve been quite distracted by some personal issues from 2016-2018 but they should be wrapping up in the next few months. It’s been hard to concentrate on writing so I’ve done a ton of promotion for The Art of World Building instead and at least it’s paying off. I’m trying to wrap that up and get back on track in 2018 and take it from there.

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New Site!

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Feb 132015

I’m excited to have new site going up this weekend.  The biggest change you’ll notice, aside from general look and feel, is that all music related items have been moved to a sub-site, and all fiction is on a sub-site for that.  This makes it easier to focus on one thing at a time when you’re here.  Hopefully it’s a cleaner interface

Basically there are three sites:

  1. This parent site (in blue), where I only have basic info on me and my pursuits
  2. Music site (in yellow/orange), where all of my instrumental guitar items are: albums, mp3s, videos, lessons, photos, etc.
  3. Fiction site (in green), where everything related to my upcoming novels is

All three sites basically look and feel the same, aside from color.

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