Randy Ellefson

Randy Ellefson

Born in Long Island, New York, I grew up in Maryland and still live here with my son, daughter, and cat, playing golf when not working as a software developer for my own consulting company.  In 1996 I developed a severe case of tendonitis in both arms that temporarily crippled me and changed the course of my life.  I’ve been a musician and author for thirty years and these dominate my free time.

A Bit About Music

A composer and guitarist, I’m the kind of guy who’s the driving force behind a two-guitar metal band. My most recent band, Z-Order, was nearing completion of it’s debut album, Utopia, but this has been put on hold due to singer issues.  I’ve also released several instrumental guitar albums (rock, acoustic guitar, or classical guitar) and earned endorsements with Alvarez Guitars, Peavey, and Morley Pedals.

Originally a composition major, I hold a Bachelors of Music in classical guitar, Magna Cum Laude, from Catholic University in D.C.  I also play bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, and minored in piano during college, where I briefly played violin and flute.  I run Guitarosity Records and own The Firebard Studios, engineering all guitars on my albums (and often everything else) using computers I built myself. I also build my own electric guitars.  Read more.

A Bit About Fiction

My fantasy stories are either literary or adventure yarns and are usually set on a world I’ve spent over twenty-five years creating. Being an expert in world building, I’ve written a three-volume series on the subject and run a website and associated podcast.  I run Evermore Press and began publishing in 2016.  I’ve already published three novels in another genre under a pseudonym. Read more.

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