Jan 042016

I thought it might be fun to state the project plans for this year and see what actually gets done by year’s end, so here goes…


The main goal this year is to get the Z-Order album finished, but I’m at the mercy of singers for that, so we’ll see what happens.  With any luck, it will be released, too.

Fantasy Fiction

By March, I hope to be done writing The Art of World Building, which I may start publishing this year.  I’ll need it edited first, and I should have the covers (for the three volumes) by spring, so the earliest release might be early autumn.  For reasons that will become apparent later, I might need a website just for this book, but I’m not sure if I’ll create that in 2016 or 2017.

I might write more of the 28 stories in The Tales of Llurien, but it’s not a priority in 2016.  I have 12 now, and while I could publish them any time (it’s tempting), I really want the whole set done before doing anything.  This project will take a few more years.

Instead, I should write a set of novellas for Llurien, preferably five, a prequel and four others.  This will be the first thing I publish via my company, Evermore Press, but I have to decide between several novella ideas and then write the 100,000 words the five books will total.  This is easily doable as I should be into this by summer at the latest.

After that, I hope to revisit The Dragon Gate novel, polish it, and then prep that for publication.  Then I’ll be planning books 2-4 in that series together, but it will probably be 2017 before I write all three of those that year, with any luck, plus some short stories.  Yes, I’ve semi-planned the next two years of writing!

I’ll be redrawing my decade old map of the continent Antaria and might create another continent this year, but I’m trying to minimize world building in favor of writing.  That said, I have some major initiatives to do there.


I don’t normally write SciFi, but I had two ideas last year.  I should finish writing “Dial Up Your Imagination” and another story about a post-apocalyptic city run by an AI. I’ll send these two to contests and magazines before publishing them myself in 2017.


I’ll spend 2-3 months, this spring, revamping a non-fiction book and then having beta-readers go over it before professional editing and getting a cover done.  It will be published under another name, but I have decisions to make about when.


If you ever hear me say “I’m busy,” I’m never kidding 🙂

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Dec 302015

This has been a very busy year.  In addition to creating three websites (this one, the music one, and the fiction one), I also created one for Z-Order.  Some of that work was done last year, but all of it involved learning and using new tools.

Musically I’ve been working with the newest Z-Order singer and we’ve probably completed half the vocals, with me acting as recording engineer, producer, and writer/lyricist.  I also did one show (just one song!) with the singer’s cover band.

Lorynn Kingdom map, on Llurien

Lorynn Kingdom map, on Llurien

With fiction, over 80,000 words have been written so far for The Art of World Building.  I guess that’s not really fiction, but I squeezed out one story and parts of two others, too. I’ve also created a new map of a continent for my main fantasy world, Llurien (see the neighboring, island Kingdom of Lorynn, right).

My Secret Lives

I actually have two pseudonyms; the fantasy stuff mentioned above will be under my actual name.


For one (non-fiction), I wrote about 30,000 words of a book and nearly 30 blogs, which also meant creating another website for that author name.  I intend to shelve that book for a long time, but early next year I’ll be returning to a related 140,000 word book, which I wrote years ago, and revamping it before self-publishing in 2017.  I just have some decisions to make, like whether to make it a three-volume set of smaller books while expanding the set to around 200,000, which is where it likely needs to be.  I hope this only takes a few months, as it’s mostly editing.  With this and the world building book done, I’ll be settling into writing fantasy stories for many years to come.


One of the bigger items this year, though you couldn’t tell because I did it under a pseudonym, was the publication of three novels in another genre.  That included the writing of one (60,000 words) this spring and, before that, writing half of another one I started last year.  I learned a huge amount about self-publishing in the process, including promos and working with cover designers and editors.  The promo work included creating an additional two websites (one for the author and another for the parent publishing company I did business under).

I mostly shut down that pseudonym and stopped writing in that genre because it’s not my passion, was an experiment to begin with, and I discovered that momentum isn’t easy to create or maintain unless you do it long-term.  The experiment lasted a year, from summer 2014, and really helped decide what to do, when, and how for fantasy.

If you’re wondering what I do for fun, this is it!  But I also play golf and lowered my score by almost ten points this year, into the low 80s for my best rounds.  Other than that, I obviously don’t have time for much else except my family and golfing.

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Feb 132015

I’m excited to have new site going up this weekend.  The biggest change you’ll notice, aside from general look and feel, is that all music related items have been moved to a sub-site, and all fiction is on a sub-site for that.  This makes it easier to focus on one thing at a time when you’re here.  Hopefully it’s a cleaner interface

Basically there are three sites:

  1. This parent site (in blue), where I only have basic info on me and my pursuits
  2. Music site (in yellow/orange), where all of my instrumental guitar items are: albums, mp3s, videos, lessons, photos, etc.
  3. Fiction site (in green), where everything related to my upcoming novels is

All three sites basically look and feel the same, aside from color.

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